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Lightning fast, easy & tax-free shipping of your favourite USA products to anywhere around the world, plus free storage to premium members. From USA to .

Access to thousands of USA stores. Save up to 80% on international shipping and pay no USA sales tax!

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Steps to get a USA Address

if you need a US Address, just follow the basic and simple steps

1. Signup for free

You receive your tax-free shipping address upon your registration for the Kimbo Online Store account. Simply Sign Up for free. Choose your membership plan packed with benefits. Then You can start shopping as soon as you’ve made your account.

2. Shop from Any Stores

Now for the fun part. Go to any country supported store and add the items you want to your cart. When asked for your address at the checkout, enter the shipping address you have received from Kimbo Online Store.

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3. To the Warehouse

Once you’ve completed your purchase, the items will be delivered to your suite address. You can continue to shop and store as many items as you want for up to 6 months (180 days) and save massively since it is tax-free storage. 

4. At your Doorstep

Once your items have been shipped, Kimbo Online Store will forward the packages directly to you. You can choose the courier you wish to ship with; choices depend on whether you prefer quicker shipping or lower shipping rates.

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Unlock access to all of your favourite stores.

You can buy from the USA without encountering any shipping challenges. Buy whatever you want from anywhere in the US, and we’ll send it to you without any hassle!

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Use assisted purchase if you face any issues in buying from USA stores.

Dangerous Goods Certified Shipper

Lightning fast, easy & tax-free shipping of your favorite products to anywhere around the world, plus 6 months free storage. All of this without breaking the bank. It is only supported to certain countries. Ask our shipping department team through the live chat if your country is supported. Dangerous Good Fee May Apply.


Shipping perfumes from the USA is easier with Kimbo Online Store. We ship perfume bottles up to 100ml, and you can ship multiple bottles in a single shipment! You can enjoy your perfumes from many brands online. Bring the beautiful scent with you wherever you go, smell good and feel good.



Shipping of cosmetics and make-up products like nail polish from the USA is heavily regulated, but we are certified to ship cosmetics. From lipsticks to nail polish to everything in between. Glam up with your favorite cosmetics from the US with Kimbo Online Store.


We are certified to ship batteries and battery operated items to certain countries – you can check our FAQ section to see if your country is in the list and order accordingly.

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Shipping Partners

Millions of USA branded products are just a click away from your home. Sign Up, start shopping and we’ll start shipping.

Benefits of using Kimbo Online Store

Unlock all your favorite stores and suppliers around the globe. We will make your shopping experience memorable. We will make sure your order arrives in your hands safely.

Package Consolidation

Having a tax-free shipping address gives you great savings if you’re shipping in bulk. You can wait for your packages from your favourite brands to arrive at our warehouse so you can consolidate in one shipment instead of paying shipping for each brand to ship to you. 

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Tax-Free Shipping Address

Get all of your packages put together into one box to significantly reduce the cost of shipping. Online shoppers should use our USA storage address at checkout. All of your packages will be uploaded to the feature-rich storage facility where you can engage with your product.

Premium Storage

You have plenty of time to purchase at additional stores before they are all shipped. You are given a various amount of storage days depending on your membership plan. We provide warehousing for up to 90 days. Members of Business can request more if it is given to them.

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Guaranteed Lowest Shipping Cost

You’re bound to get the most affordable shipping rate with a variety of shipping choices. With our partner courier, we always make sure that we negotiate better shipping prices for our customers. On the USA market, our costs for shipping are the lowest. We make sure that our shipping costs are reasonable so that you can shop online internationally and have your favorite brands shipped to you.

The World’s Most Trusted Couriers

So that you can always get the most affordable, reliable deal, choose from renowned couriers. We’ve worked with our partner courier for many years and developed a strong level of confidence with our clients regarding the shipping procedure. We ensure that your package will arrive safely thanks to our reliable courier choices. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about your package while it is in transit because it is in excellent hands.

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Assisted Purchasing

Cannot locate your order. Let us know what you wish to purchase, and we’ll shop it on your behalf. If your brands only accept US debits cards or doesn’t ship to a parcel forwarder then we are able to handle it for you by shopping for you and even provide them another warehouse or a personal address to make sure you get your order. 

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Unlock all your favorite stores and suppliers around the globe. We will make your shopping experience memorable; we will make sure your order arrives in your hands safely.
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Shop and Ship 

Order online on your favourite USA website, consolidate your packages for shipment and get it delivered to you.

Shipping Materials for Your Small Business



We try to expedite all consolidation request for our customer. We know you need it, so we make sure to get your package ready for its new home. 

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Everyday Shopping

The Key to thousands of USA stores, with global shipping from our warehouse in Delaware. Get all the festival gifts.