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PS5 Slim Rumors: What We Know So Far

We’re starting to see rumblings of a slimmed down PlayStation 5.

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PS5 controller on purple background.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Now that the PlayStation 5 machine is three years old, speculations about a slimmer version are starting to circulate; the most recent example is a Twitter video depicting a compressed redesign.

The PS5 software developer and purported cybersecurity doctoral candidate BwE_Dev shared a video showing himself manipulating the shell of a smaller-looking PS5 and displaying it from various angles.

CFI-2016 PS5 Case

— BwE (@BwE_Dev) August 11, 2023

PS5 Slim release date: coming this year?

On the potential release date of the PS5 Slim, there is currently very little information. The flimsiest inadvertent Amazon listings may hint that it will happen this year. According to documents obtained through the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint against Microsoft over its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, however, predicts that the PS5 Slim will go on sale later this year.

Taking a look at previous PlayStation releases, the PSOne debuted in 2000, six years after the PlayStation was first introduced. In October 2004, four years after the original PS2 system debuted, the PS2 Slim went on sale. And three years after the original PS3, the PS3 Slim was released in 2009. According to prior redesigns, the average time span was 4.3 years. So there’s a chance that the PS5 Slim will be released this Christmas season.

PS5 Slim price: will it be cheaper?

Microsoft estimates that the PS5 Slim will cost $400, according to court records from the FTC v. Microsoft lawsuit. Other reports claim that it will arrive as an all digital device. That most likely means that a disc drive won’t be present. A $400 digital-only PS5 is currently available. A PS5 Slim without a disc drive should cost roughly $400, assuming Sony doesn’t lower the price. Given that more than 40 million PS5 units have already been sold, there isn’t much of a reason to reduce the price.

PS5 Design: is it really much smaller? Is that even the point?

As a cost-saving tactic, game console manufacturers frequently introduce modified versions of their systems. Additionally, it has the added advantage of rekindling public interest. Therefore, do not anticipate the PS5 Slim to serve as a PS5 Pro.

When new gear initially becomes available, it features the newest technology, which is often more expensive to produce. However, as production costs decrease and technology advances, there is a chance to modernize the system.

Even though the PS5 Slim is said to be 5 cm shorter than the PS5, it will probably use less power. This efficiency results in less heat. A quieter and cooler PS5 would be appreciated given that it has been claimed that current PS5 consoles are melting USB ports.

Both a disc drive version and an all digital version of the current PS5 are available. At $400, the all-digital device is $100 less expensive. According to recent PS5 Slim reports, Sony will release a digital-only model without an integrated disc drive. However, based on the video above, it does appear that a disc drive adapter will be present. Evidently, the PS5 Digital systems currently in use are not compatible with that supposed disc drive. If the separate disc drive exists at all, its price is unknown.

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