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By specifying the weights, dimensions, and type of goods you are exporting, you may request an estimate for your shipment in any country.


If you are satisfied with the cargo estimate, you can begin browsing for items. The products can be picked up or delivered to the nearest warehouse.


We will repack the shipment to reduce weight and size for you. The cargo will subsequently be delivered to you.


Air Freight Rates

TruePrice™ Guaranteed Pricing Our revolutionary pricing system calculates rates by weight only*, not dimensions.

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Get your cargo in as little as three days. Can’t wait to receive your items? Choose from a variety of express airlines shipping options and get your packages delivered FAST!

Save when you consolidate packages KIMBO ONLINE STORE saves you up to 30% on shipping by combining your packages from different stores into one shipment.

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Track packages easily Know exactly when your package leaves our facility and when it arrives at your door.

No hidden fees With KIMBO ONLINE STORE KimboPrice upfront pricing, you pay by volume weight only, with no surprises.

Talk to us at any time or day Our customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Kimbo Online Store ships my package using which airline?

We figure out how to quickly transport your cargo from airport to airport. In order to achieve the cheapest shipping prices for you, we have worked with numerous airlines. We handle a wide variety of cargo, including perishable and hazardous items. To give our clients the most affordable quotations, we do negotiate with the airlines. We will always make sure to identify the quickest routes from the airports to you if you need express airline delivery.


Join us to request Air Freight quotes on the go. Locate the most affordable airlines worldwide and compare their pricing.


Shop your products that you wish to buy anywhere across the globe, and send your purchases to our KIMBO ONLINE STORE facilities.

We receive your packages and save you money on international shipping by carefully combining them into one shipment. You choose your preferred shipping airline.

Your purchases are delivered to your doorstep in as fast as three to four days.

What is the Air Freight shipping process?

To begin with, you start by requesting a price for your cargo. We will require the commodity’ weight, size, and type. You will also let us know the origin and destination of the cargo. In 1-2 business days, our team will compile the most affordable quotations for you. We will email you a quote in response. If you’re satisfied with the quote and want to move further, you may place your order and deliver to one of our warehouses or have our delivery crew pick it up from your supplier. After that, we will pack your products in preparation for export. The clients will receive all the documentation they require for use in their country from us.

How does Kimbo Online Store send goods internationally?

In order to offer shipping prices that are competitive with those of our rivals, we have worked with numerous airlines all over the world. Enabling customers to ship their cargo to accessible destinations. We can transport any cargo you may require.

Do clearing processes get handled by Kimbo Online Store?

Yes, Kimbo Online Store offers clearing services to its customers in a few different nations. We have a crew with international clearance experience ready to clear your cargo and deliver it to you. We handle your shipment to your door from the country of origin to the country of destination. In order to deliver your shipment to you on schedule, we will take good care of it at customs.

Countries We Cover for Parcel Shipping

You take care of Shopping, We take care of Shipping. Get all USA Brands delivered at your doorstep.

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US or UK online store is easy with help from KIMBO ONLINE STORE. Become a member, receive a KIMBO ONLINE STORE address and ship items from US and UK merchants to our distribution centers . Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

If taxes or VAT are required for the goods you imported, you must pay them. Kimbo Online Store may be able to assist you with clearing and paying taxes because it has clearing agents in several countries. When it comes to handling Asycuda System and custom procedures, our specialists have years of experience. We’ll be able to manage your goods and clear them in the shortest amount of time possible. Each item may have different tax or VAT rate.

By just telling us the weight, dimensions, and goods you wish to transport, you may ask for an estimate for your cargo. When you provide the origin and destination of your cargo, our experts will contact the airlines to negotiate the lowest possible rate, giving you a less expensive choice for shipping your cargo. We have dealt with airlines for many years about customer cargo, and we’ll make sure yours is another success. In order to discover the best and shortest routes for your cargo to travel, gathering quotes may take up to two days.

We can warehouse goods for your supplier or arrange for pick-up at their location. Any of our warehouses can be used by our staff to receive and store your cargo for a specific number of days. Our experts will locate the ideal warehouse based on the size of your consignment. If your supplier is unable to transport the items, our crew is willing to pick them up from their address and deliver them to our warehouse.

We handle all kind of cargo, including perishable and hazardous goods. Vegetables, frozen foods, and other items are perishables. Batteries, for example, are dangerous commodities. When handling your goods, we’ll make sure it complies with all applicable airline rules. When handling dangerous materials, MSDS documentation are required. In order for us to obtain all documentation required to deliver them to the airlines, we can manage your supplier.

Customs Import Regulations for the Seychelles

When shipping internationally, it’s good to know the customs regulations of your country. An important thing to remember? There’s a big difference between items that are banned or prohibited, and items that are restricted or considered dangerous.

Banned and prohibited items are never allowed for import, and KIMBO ONLINE STORE cannot ship items to SYC that are banned or prohibited. We inspect all items that go through our warehouse for banned/prohibited items, and if any are found, we can help you return them. When shopping with delivery to SYC, refrain from purchasing the following prohibited and banned goods:

Knives (except cutlery)



Credit card blanks

Pornographic and/or obscene material

This list may be incomplete, as customs bans can change at any time. For the latest updates, please visit the customs website of SC.

Items considered restricted or dangerous are often as common as paint, nail polish and aerosol cans, they just need some extra attention. Many of these items can be shipped if they have the right permits and packaging and are handled correctly. We’re one of the few shipping companies that can expertly ship these types of goods safely and legally.

* Delivery times may vary based on your specific location, weather, political forces and your local Customs Office.

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