Seychelles Groupage Terms & Conditions

Seychelles Groupage is a shipping service that we offer to all Seychelles clients only. Kimbo Online Store warehouse team groups all Seychelles packages into one shipment, once or twice a week depending on the volume of shipments. 

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Shipment Departure Schedules

  1. Kimbo Online Store holds the right to decide when to ship packages to Seychelles depending on our volume count of packages that was met. 
  2. Shipment schedules to Seychelles is once or twice a week.
  3. If the clients packages are held at the warehouse because the package is dangerous goods, unidentified package or prohibited and restricted. We will remove the package from the shipment, so we won’t delay other clients packages for shipment. 

Seychelles Taxes

  1. Kimbo Online Store gives clients up to $150.00 tax free on there shipments when items being imported into Seychelles.
  2. Products exceeding the $150.00, tax will be applicable on your shipment.
  3. Seychelles Tax rates is 15% on the total price of the product and shipping cost.
  4. If you want to benefit your SCR3,000.00 allowance, then we recommend you ship with the other courier services that we offer.

Package Time at our Seychelles Depot

  1. The client has up to 7 days to pickup their shipment our our local depot. 
  2. If the client exceeds the 7 days, then you will be charged SCR25.00 per day for up to 30 days.
  3. If the client doesn’t pickup up their shipment after 30 days then their shipment will get discarded.

Groupage Processing Delays

  1. Kimbo Online Store is not liable for any delays that happens on groupage package shipments.
  2. Delays may occur when clients packages must be inspected or packages can’t be identified.
  3. Courier company hasn’t picked up the shipment as requested.
  4. Overload of packages in the shipment.
  5. Overload of shipments for other clients in the warehouse.

Groupage Package Weight Calculation

  1. Package weight gets rounded up to the kg higher. 
  2. Minimum weight charge with Seychelles Groupage is 1Kg. 
  3. Seychelles Groupage package weight doesn’t use grams in their shipment weight. 
  4. E.g of shipment weight roundup. If your shipment weight is 100 grams automatically it will be 1Kg. If your shipment weight is 1.1Kg automatically it will be 2Kg. Which means the shipment will get round up to the higher Kg.
  5. There is no free shipping.
  6. If your dimensions of your package exceeds the dimensional lenght, height or width, automatically the team will add extra 1Kg or 2Kg to your shipment. If the dimension is not exceeding then you will be billed on weight alone. 

Seychelles Deliveries

  1. Our prices doesn’t include local deliveries. If the client wants delivery then you will need to contact our local depot team to get a quote.
  2. Our prices include only shipping, processing and clearing services in the groupage shipment. 
  3. When your shipment is at our depot the team will contact you either by your phone number or email for pickup.

By shipping with Seychelles Groupage you automatically agree to Kimbo Online Store Seychelles Groupage Terms & Conditions. 

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