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Seychelles Best Clearing Agent

STEP 1: Provide all your documents needed for us to lodge your Bill Of Entry in the Asycuda System

STEP 2: We will lodge your Bill Of Entry in the Asycuda System, Pay all the fees that comes with your cargo.

STEP 2: Once custom gives the go ahead to clear your cargo, we will deliver the cargo to your location.


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Seychelles Clearing Tracking System by Kimbo. Follow our specialized processes on the fly. Gain a competitive advantage over your rivals by receiving more rapid and accurate delivery.

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Priority will be given to your cargo delivery, and we'll make sure everything arrives in the condition you ordered it in. Get premium service to have your cargo delivered at unusual hours.

Before you buy and import your cargo to Seychelles, Kimbo Online Store is here to assist you understand the tax rates and other fees. If there are any fees you need to be aware of before importing, our clearing staff is available to help.

When paying with Kimbo Online Store, you can save money. We make sure you save on taxes in addition to providing the best pricing for cargo clearing. Kimbo Online Store makes sure you get the best pricing in the market.

Track packages easily Know exactly when your package leaves our facility and when it arrives at your door.

No hidden fees With Kimbo Online Store True Price upfront pricing, we make sure all fees are stated for clearing.

Talk to us at any time or day Our customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Why is Kimbo Online Store Seychelles Best Clearing Agent?

Your trusted customs clearance agent in the Seychelles is Kimbo Online Store.
A fully accredited customs agent, Kimbo Online Store can manage imports and exports of both air and sea freight as well as submit import and export Customs declarations in Asycuda World.
We are recognized for our in-depth understanding of customs import and export regulations, and we have an experienced team dedicated to assisting the quick release of cargo at the border and offering professional advice and direction on all required steps.


Join Kimbo Online Store and be able to track our clearing custom procedures on the go, with our new update system.


Before buying and shipping your items, shop your favorite brands and become familiar with the import prices. All customs fees will be disclosed to you before to arrival.

Before delivery, we inspect the packages we clear to make sure they are in good shape and that all of the boxes are in our possession.

Get your packages delivered to you as soon as possible. We offer delivery at odd hours to ensure that your packages are always in your possession.

Additional services we provide include:

All cargo imports and exports that are temporary, such as yachts, boats, and filming or construction equipment. Customs Refunds and Appeals. Consultation on restricted and prohibited commodities. continuous and Continuous bonding. Application for a permit. Consultation with customs. Describe the various cargoes’ applicable customs duties (based on classification code and country of origin).


Through every step of the clearance process, we are by your side. Giving clients advance notice of their costs. Any kind of clearing processes that you might want are handled by Kimbo Online Store.

Documents needed for import customs clearance in the Republic of Seychelles:

  • Original Commercial Invoice
  • Original Packing List
  • Original Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Freight Invoice
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Ministry of Finance Import Permit
  • National Biosecurity Agency (NBA) Plant Import Permit
  • Meat/Health/Vet Certificate
  • Wood Treatment or Fumigation Certificate
  • Import License
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) or ID/Passport Copy
  • Resident Permit or Gainful Occupational Permit (G.O.P)
  • Preferential or Non-Preferential Certificates of Origin

We're your partner through the entire clearing process.

From the time of purchase till your cargo is delivered, Kimbo Online Store is available for you. By providing our members with priority clearance services and notifying you of costs before purchasing. We'll take care of special processes while you concentrate on your business. We are a highly skilled customs broker who makes sure we are current with the rules governing customs procedure for cargo at seaports and airports.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Customs fees for the client’s cargo must be paid by the client. The clients will be informed of the fees, and Kimbo Online Store will manage the payment processes on their behalf. 15% of some products and shipments in Seychelles are subject to taxes. Certain products may cost more and possibly be subject to duty. Customers had the government deduct SCR3,000.00 (Shipping + Product Price) from their delivery. Any packages that are worth more than the allowance must be taxed by the government.

The duration of the clearance process depends on whether your cargo is at sea or at airport. Depending on the quantity of goods you have and the workload at Kimbo Online Store, we can easily submit bills in a few hours or a day after we get the Airway Bill or Bill of Lading and other documents pertaining to your cargo. Kimbo Online Store members unquestionably receive preferential service from us and sometimes even skip the line when lodging bills and clearing priorities. Each color lane has a specific time window that varies according on the selectivity lane that your cargo enters. Our blog post about clearing has further information on it.

Call us at 2575753 or utilize the live chat feature to get a quick quote for your clearance services at Kimbo Online Store.

At the airport and the seaport, we work to expedite clearing services. We are aware of how significant your cargo is to you. We strive to make the lodging bill process as quick and easy as possible within the Asycuda System. maintaining constant communication with customs while your shipment and bills are being processed. We constantly monitor the Asycuda System to see when your bills are prepared or your lane checks are finished.

Kimbo Online Store does indeed handle all kinds of cargo. We can submit bills 48 hours after clearing your shipment on the same day that it arrived. Any goods that cannot be stored will be cleared first, we will ensure.

* Depending on the weather and your unique location, delivery times may change. Kimbo Online Store is not liable for any delays brought on by private and public sectors that are beyond our control.

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