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Fourth of July Sales vs. Amazon Prime Day Deals: Which Event Should You Shop?

Many Fourth of July deals are already live, but Prime Day isn’t far off. So which sale should you pay attention to? Let’s break it down.

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Since Amazon offers almost everything, its Prime Day sale is a fantastic chance to get discounts on a wide range of goods. The Fourth of July deals, though, are frequently among the greatest of the year and include certain items that aren’t as popular on Prime Day. Now that the Prime Day dates have been established, we know that it will take place the week following Independence Day. However, this can give potential purchasers some anxiety as they wonder when is the best moment to spend the money.

The same thing happened in 2022, when Prime Day fell on July 12 and sales essentially took over the entire month of July. Although it may not always be a terrible thing for customers, everyone wants to make sure they’re receiving the greatest deals now in order to avoid missing out on a better one in the future. So, if you’re trying to decide whether it’s better to shop Prime Day or Fourth of July bargains, we can provide you with all the information you need.

Fourth of July sales vs. Prime Day deals: Which is best?

There is no clear cut way to determine which sale is the greatest, but each has advantages and disadvantages that could affect how you choose to shop, which we’ll go through below.

Both deals feature some of the finest prices we’ll see all year, and this year they’re likely to combine into one huge discount extravaganza. The sale that offers the deals you want at the stores you want to shop at will ultimately be the greatest sale for you.

Fourth of July sales vs. Prime Day deals: Which retailers take part?

Since Prime Day is mostly focused on Amazon because it is an annual event created by Amazon, most of your shopping will be done there. While that is undoubtedly practical, not everyone wants to contribute more funds to Amazon’s coffers. With similarly timed promotions already announced at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, big-box retailers will try to snag some of the customers who are already in the mood to spend money, but your neighborhood mom-and-pop shops most likely won’t be participating.

However, it’s much more probable that every store in your neighborhood will be lowering prices during Fourth of July sales, allowing you to patronize more regional enterprises. Not to mention that on and around July Fourth, every big-box business in the area will be having sales. If you want to receive your items the same day, that is perfect.

Fourth of July sales vs. Prime Day deals: Which product categories will go on sale?

Although there may be a difference in the number of offers offered per category for each sale, both the Fourth of July and Prime Day sales will present a diverse selection of discounts across nearly all product categories.

For instance, Prime Day should be your go-to sale if you’re after consumer electronics, especially Amazon devices, while Fourth of July is likely to have more appliance, furniture, and mattress bargains.

That’s not to say you can’t get a mattress for a great price on Prime Day or save money on a pair of the best headphones during Fourth of July deals, but it’s important to know which sale would better suit your needs.

Fourth of July sales vs. Prime Day deals: Why not both?

You can take advantage of these bargains and get anything you need before the next month’s crazy rush because so many early Fourth of July sales are now active or are anticipated to start soon.

It’s best to set a price that you’d be willing to pay in your mind and grab the item if it falls within that range when it comes to snatching discounts during promotions like these. It’s not always a good idea to wait for a possible cheaper price during a short event’s hours because you can end up with a lengthy shipment time or, worse yet, miss the sale entirely if the item sells out. It’s usually a good idea to shop early to save a few dollars, especially since most Fourth of July specials will probably last right through Prime Day this year anyhow.

You’ll have a second chance to purchase any items that you missed out on earlier in the month because the two sales events are so close together. As opposed to placing all of your eggs in one sale, you have a better chance of getting everything you desire by shopping both sales.

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