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PlayStation Gets Dedicated Wireless Earbuds Starting at $200

The Pulse Explore will be available later this year.

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Sony has a new set of earbuds coming soon. 


We have seen other new products from Sony besides the portable PlayStation Portal today. The business has also introduced a fresh set of audio accessories, which includes a set of wireless earbuds.

Later this year, the PlayStation brand will release the Pulse Explore wireless earphones for $200 (£200 or about AU$390). The Pulse Elite, a wireless headset with a $150 (£130) price tag, is placed next to the Pulse Explore.

The Pulse Elite will come out with the Pulse Explore.


The AI-enhanced noise-rejection technology included in the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can filter background noises as well as lossless music. The two audio devices will employ PlayStation Link, a new audio technology that supports many platforms including the PS5, PC, Mac, and the PlayStation Portal, as the PS5 does not support Bluetooth audio due to potential latency difficulties.

To connect the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore to the PS5, you will require a USB adaptor. However, the PlayStation Link enables the gadgets to maintain a Bluetooth connection with a phone. As a result, users using a console to play games will be able to take a call and still hear the audio from the game.

The PlayStation Portal is anticipated to launch alongside the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore later this year, though Sony did not specify a particular release date. Preorders will shortly be available.

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