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Should You Buy a Quest 2 VR Headset for $300 Now, or Wait?

With the new Quest 3 coming soon and Sony PSVR 2 available now, here’s what you need to know.

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The best and worst times to buy a VR headset are right now. The price of the most popular VR headset—and still our favorite—the Meta Quest 2 has dropped to $299. Quest Plus, a subscription gaming service from Meta, was also introduced for the Quest 2. Additionally, there can be even better offers with Amazon Prime Day and other upcoming sales. At present time, the Quest 2 is the best standalone VR headset available. However, more expensive alternatives are soon to arrive, and subsequent offers may give larger reductions for the Quest 2 when those headsets do.

The Quest 2, which was released in the fall of 2020, is still a fantastic standalone virtual reality game console, fitness gadget, and PC accessory. It’s a versatile tool that may be used for innovative purposes like work, art, or social apps like VRChat. It also has many compatible accessories, and Meta frequently updates the OS and functionality.

It’s possible to raise the cost of VR gaming even higher with Meta’s Quest Plus service, which will provide two games per month for $8 per month (or $60 annually). Even though we haven’t yet played Quest Plus, the first four games are already promising.

But the impending Quest 3 is a genuine next-generation upgrade for the Quest 2 headset. The Quest 3 is anticipated this autumn and will cost $500 more. It will also feature a stronger processor, smaller redesigned controls, and the ability to scan the actual environment in order to integrate VR into it to create mixed reality experiences. Those experiences might resemble scaled-down versions of what Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset, which is expected to launch in 2024, promises to deliver. Additionally, the Quest 3 appears to be able to accomplish most of what the more expensive Quest Pro headset promises (without the eye tracking) for a significant savings.

Do you want to spend just $300? Get the Quest 2

No VR headset that launches this autumn, even ones that are on sale, will, in my opinion, be as inexpensive or offer as much as the Quest 2. In that regard, if you like to buy on a tight budget, go for it. Although I would still not advise children to play The Quest 2, many parents I know have their children playing The Quest 2 with no problems. The minimum age for child accounts has been decreased to 10 by Meta, who has also been gradually improving parental controls. The Quest 2 is a fun family device if used properly and under safe supervision, but you will need to watch out for your children and make sure that any games they attempt are appropriate.

The Quest 3 will have redesigned controllers and added mixed reality features.


Do you want to spend $500? Consider the PSVR 2 or Quest 3

There are other excellent solutions if spending more money is not a concern. The PSVR 2 from Sony and the upcoming Meta Quest 3 are the finest options. The latter will function as a standalone headgear and can also be attached to a PC to enable PC VR gaming. The PSVR 2, which requires a PlayStation 5, supports a wider range of more complex games and has additional force-feedback and eye tracking gaming controllers. However, the Quest 3 can operate totally independently, unlike the PSVR 2 requires a connection to connect to the PS5. If you’re primarily interested in PC VR, there are also lots of VR headsets that are only PC-connected.

Although Facebook probably won’t continue to sponsor The Quest 2 indefinitely, it still appears committed to doing so (along with a new subscription gaming service). Additionally, the Quest 2 and Quest 3 also access the same app store. The Quest 2 is about as inexpensive as you’ll find as a way to try out VR. Because of this, Meta’s Quest is still my top VR selection at the moment. With Apple’s expensive device expected to launch next year, the price of Meta’s Quest only seems more reasonable for such an excellent VR experience.

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