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With many expertise in Air Freight, Sea Freight and Parcel Forwarding our team
will connect you to any freight services around the world.

Access to thousands of US stores. Save up to 80% on international
shipping and pay no US sales tax!

Steps To Get a USA Address

If you need a US Address, just follow the basic and simple steps.


1. Signup for free​

You receive your tax-free shipping address upon your registration for the Kimbo Online Store account.

Young woman buying diary product and reading food label in grocery store.

2. Shop from Any Stores

Buy your favorite products from your favorite retailers and use the tax-free shipping address.

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3. Ship

Once your items have been shipped, Kimbo Online Store will forward the packages directly to you.

Limitless access with an all you can shop approach

There are no shipping roadblocks to your shopping from the USA. So shop to your heart’s
content from anywhere in the US and we will ship it to you, hassle free!

In instance of any shopping obstacle, use our Assisted Purchase feature.

Dangerous Goods Certified Shipper

We are certified to ship dangerous goods with DHL and Aramex. These may include items such as battery-operated gadgets, perfumes, and makeup products. Please note Dangerous Good Fees apply and to certain countries it can be shipped.


1. Perfumes

We ship perfume bottles up to 100ml, and you can ship multiple bottles in a single shipment! If the perfume bottle contains more than 30ml liquid, an additional $15 is charged by Aramex. A single perfume bottle must not contain more that 100 ml liquid. You can ship a maximum of 5lbs to 6lbs of perfume bottles in one shipment.


2. Cosmetics

Shipping of cosmetics and make-up products like nail polish from the USA is heavily regulated, but we are certified to ship cosmetics. You can shop the best cosmetic brands from the US and use of our services to ship to you. If you want more clarification on whether your cosmetic brand can be shipped to you.


3. Batteries

We are certified to ship batteries and battery-operated products from the USA. Check our FAQs for country-specific restrictions. Shipping batteries are highly restricted from the USA as its category is a dangerous good. Batteries that are shipped built in the item are allowed. Aramex ships batteries to UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

A Range Of Courier Comparison

Here at Kimbo Online Store, we’re dedicated to bringing you the cheapest parcel delivery in the USA and worldwide.

We work closely with the best USA couriers, including UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL, to bring you cheap
parcel delivery without compromising on a high quality service.

Benefits of using Kimbo Online Store

Unlock all your favorite stores and suppliers around the globe. We will make your shopping experience memorable. We will make sure your order arrives in your hands safely.

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1. Package Consolidation

Having a tax-free shipping address gives you great savings if you’re shipping in bulk. Shop from different stores and ship to your suite address and consolidate all packages in one shipment and save up to 80% on your final shipping cost. We have made it easier for you to save on shipping costs without shipping your items one by one.

2. Tax-Free Shipping Address​

Get your packages combined into one box to save massively on shipping cost. Enjoy no sales tax on items in the USA with our shipping address. With our shipping address any stores and even overseas stores can ship too. So you are not limited to items you can buy.


3. Premium Storage

So, you get plenty of time to shop from more stores before shipping them altogether. We offer up to 210 storage days at our Delaware warehouse. So you don't have to rush when shipping with Kimbo Online Store. Take your time when shopping online as your items are safe in our warehouse.

4. Competitive Shipping Cost

Once your items have been shipped, Kimbo Online Store will forward the packages directly to you. You can choose the courier you wish to ship with; choices depend on whether you prefer quicker shipping or lower shipping rates.