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Gifts for Your Mawlid Celebration

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Rabi-ul-Awwal, is when Mawlid, also known as Eid Milad-un-Nabi, is celebrated. Muslims around believe that this day has a special significance in their calendar. Mawlid has its roots in the early days of Islam, when a select group of the Prophet Muhammad’s followers, known as Tabi’un, started holding poetry readings and musical performances to celebrate their leader’s birthday.

Muslims observe the occasion by wearing new attire, praying, and exchanging gifts. To honor the day, special dinners are served at mosques and at homes with friends and family. This year, get together to commemorate this significant occasion by giving your loved ones thoughtful gifts.

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Iwa concept Wooden Acrylic Multiple Pieces Ayatul kursi $69.90

SHINY WOODEN DECOR Our Wooden Islamic Wall Decors are made of 6 mm thick ecofriendly MDF (Medium Density fiberboard). Shiny acrylic layer is applied for shiny mirror effect.  IDEAL RAMADAN DECORATION will enhance the atmosphere of your home during Mubarak Ramadan month/eid and remind you of Islamic values every time you look at it.

Ayat al Kursi Bangle Bracelet $14.69

QITIAN muslim jewelry for women bracelets are made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel 18K Gold Plated, stronger and more durable, silver cuff will never fade, rust, tarnish, corrode, stain, never turn your wrists green. Hypoallergenic materials, lead free, nickel free, cadmium free, eco-friendly and not harmful to the skin.

Turkish Moroccan Lamp, Update 360° $49.99

 100% Handmade in Turkey, Mosaic glass lantern is unique, Colorful lampshades with colored diamond-shaped mica glass. Oxidation Resistant Copper Brackets and Bases is sturdy and durable. Energy-saving LED bulbs will consume lower power(6W), provide stable soft lighting, safe to use. This Turkish lamp creates an instant feel of comfort. Turkish Bosphorus-style lighting looks beautiful/exquisite on any table.

Homeygen Prayer Rug – Muslim Durable Polyester Portable Mat Set $25.99

Complete Set: Our prayer mats Muslim come with a few special accessories that will make everything easier: a prayer cap, prayer bead, qibla, mini Quran keychain and Allah car décor for the rearview mirror. This praying rug Muslim has an authentic design in Lake Blue. The side fringe gives the rug a more traditional look. The prayer mat with foam is very easy to roll and fold, so you can take it anywhere.

IWA Concept | IQRA Arabic Metal Bookend | Home Decor $29.90

Islamic Art Products are designed for tables, shelves or any flat surfaces. Coat painted bookends are produced from 1.5 mm mild steel. They are selling handmade products. Wall decor, table decor or shelve decor for your home decoration. We are producing both for special occasions such as Ramadan, Eid Mubarek or conquest of mecca or home decoration for Muslim.

Pack of 10 Personalized Ayatul Kursi Islamic Party Favors $34.99

There items are best for Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday, Ramadan, Eid, Islamic Party, Muslim Party. 10 Ayatul Kursi Favors Engraved on a Wooden Plate Decorated with Gold Acrylic Frame (Wooden Stand and White Gift Box included)

Gift Table Decor 2 Piece Set Sculptures Bookends Arabic Allah Muhammad $58.49

2 Piece Set: ‘Allah’ and ‘Muhammad’ in Arabic calligraphy. Perfect to use as home decor on mantle or bookshelf. Also great as a gift for Eid, Shahadah, wedding, etc.

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Gifts for Your Mawlid Celebration

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