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Parcel Forwarding: Essential Steps to Streamline Process

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Are you aware that numerous online retailers mandate that customers provide a U.S. shipping address when placing orders? This policy can create a significant inconvenience for those who do not reside in the United States and wish to shop online.


However, there is a straightforward solution to this issue — parcel forwarding. You can easily acquire the items you desire from the U.S. without hassle by signing up for a top-notch parcel forwarding service. This blog post will delve deeper into parcel forwarding and offer valuable guidance on maximizing its benefits.

1. Register Your Package With a Delivery Service

Kimbo Online Store will help you enjoy the benefits of shopping from U.S. online stores, but first, you need to get a U.S. shipping address. We offer various service levels, such as basic forwarding or mail receipt options, so you can choose the one that works best for you.
Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique U.S. shipping address for all your online purchases, and your packages will be forwarded to you based on your specific instructions. It’s worth noting that parcel Kimbo Online Store deliver packages physically to your doorstep, unlike virtual mailboxes that only scan mail electronically.

2. Give Your Information to the Online Merchant

Once registered with a parcel forwarding company, the next step is to provide your U.S. shipping address to the online merchant. If you are unfamiliar with the checkout process for foreign orders, don’t worry — most merchants offer detailed instructions on how to complete it correctly. Even if you run into any issues at checkout, customer service agents should be able to guide
you through the process smoothly.

3. Delivery to the Package Forwarding Service

Once you’ve finalized the purchase and given them your United States mailing address, the storekeeper responsible for your purchased product will send it to a package forwarding provider. According to which tier of support you selected, Kimbo Online Store services offer package consolidation services which grant customers to combine their multiple packages into one shipment – this is an excellent solution if you are ordering multiple items from numerous retailers. Now that we have received your parcel and informed you of its arrival, Kimbo Online Store awaits your directions.

4. Choose Another Partner Shipping Agent

Once Kimbo Online Store notifies you that they have a package for you, you must choose the safest and most suitable carrier for your item. Depending on your shipment’s destination, you can select from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Aramex. All the required information should be in your account when you pay for shipping. Remember to include any special instructions you may have in the shipment request form.

5. Request Parcel Consolidation Service

If you have multiple packages waiting to be shipped, it’s a good idea to use the consolidation service to save time and money. With this service, all your items will be repacked into one shipment before being shipped to you.

6. Paying for Parcel Delivery Services

When joining Kimbo Online Store, you must also provide payment information. The following credit cards are commonly accepted by us such as MasterCard, VISA, The American Express Company, and Discover.

7. Conclusion

All in all, keeping the parcel forwarding process streamlined and effective is essential. Taking the proper steps to ensure efficient parcel forwarding will save you time and money and ensure your shipments arrive safely and on time. If you need parcel forwarding services, Kimbo Online Store is here! Our services are fast, reliable, and secure. We help you ship your packages wherever you need them to go across the globe safely and on time. Contact us now!

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