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Deals from US Websites Worthy of “Click-Frenzy”

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Deal seekers, get ready—the Click Frenzy Mayhem event is coming up soon! This well-known online shopping occasion is Australia’s response to “Cyber Monday” bargains in the United States, and it’s a terrific chance to score some incredible discounts on a variety of goods. But did you know that you may benefit from Click Frenzy offers from US merchants if you’re a member of the Kimbo Online Store?

If you’re not familiar, Click Frenzy is a twice-yearly internet sale event. The Mayhem edition will take place on May 16. This event brings together some of Australia’s top brands and merchants, giving steep discounts on a variety of goods, including fashion, beauty, electronics, and more.

Although the focus of Click Frenzy is on Australian businesses, many US-based retailers also take part in the sale, providing fantastic discounts on well-known brands that might otherwise be hard to find in Australia. Additionally, with a subscription to the Kimbo Online Store, you may shop from these merchants and have your purchases delivered right to your door in Australia (or really, anywhere in the world).

Best Buy for Electronics

Whether you’re in the market for a new laptop, phone, TV, or other gadget, you can find great deals on Best Buy. Look for discounts on popular brands like Apple, Samsung, and Dell.

Forbes has compiled a list of Best Buy discount codes that you can use this May to get new electronic devices for your home or office space.

Macy's for Fashion and Accessories

The USA is one of the countries that imports and exports the most fast fashion, and many US businesses are renowned for their extensive selection of fashionable items. During Click Frenzy, you can get some fantastic discounts on apparel, footwear, and accessories. To save up to 50% on specific items, look for deals and coupons from stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Forever 21, etc.

Sephora for Beauty and Skincare

The popularity of beauty and skincare products has increased significantly due to the advent of influencer marketing. In fact, they’ve ingrained themselves into our daily lives and have become a need. Because of this, numerous US healthcare and cosmetics companies, such as Sephora, sometimes discount well-liked items like lip oils inspired by spring or vibrant neon eyeliners. Alternatively, you can get some amazing samples and 4 times as many Sephora points with the code 4XSCENTS if you’re looking for your new favorite summer scent.

Wayfair for Homeware

If you’re wanting to enhance your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or backyard this May, you can find some excellent bargains on homeware items from various US retailers because we appreciate home design alterations and comfort. Just a few clicks will get you deals from companies like Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel. For instance, we’ve located some excellent Wayfair deals for you on this page; why not take advantage of them right away?

Amazon for All of the Above (and then Some More)

Unsurprisingly, the list would be lacking if Amazon were absent. The most well-known store in the world provides a broad choice of goods in many different categories, including the aforementioned electronics, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, home goods, and much more.

Deals on a variety of products, including reductions on well-liked items like computers, smartphones, new summer bikinis, beauty products with SPF, and many more, can be found on Amazon.

You merely need to look for the Amazon discounts and hundreds of other promo codes that are available. Believe us. They won’t let you down.

Let Kimbo Online Store Help You Find the Best Deals

Even though Click Frenzy Mayhem isn’t a US event, there’s sure to be something for everyone because there are so many alternatives to select from. Of course, the specific deals and discounts may vary based on the merchant and the product. There you have it—the miracles of the Internet!

It’s simple to shop from US merchants during Click Frenzy if you’re a Kimbo Online Store member. Visit the website of your preferred US merchant, place your purchases in your shopping cart, and then use your Kimbo Online Store address to complete the transaction. The rest will be handled by us.

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