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The Drinking Glasses We Love: Elegant and Sturdy

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BELLA LUSSO Highball Glasses – Tall Drinking Glass Set of 6 $18.00

Our 10 oz glasses will add class to any drink. Whether you’re serving a martini, enjoying a juice, or hosting the guests for a round of cocktails these sophisticated highball glasses are sure to impress. Highball glasses are perfect for any occasion, be it a birthday party or casual evening at home, these glasses will heighten any experience. Bella Lusso highball glass is the perfect combination of style and functionality. The temperature-resistant glass will not shatter when serving hot drinks. Serve anything you want, our glasses will amaze you with their versatility. These will be your go-to glasses for serving any beverage like water, milk, cold and hot cocktails.

LEMONSODA Premium Highball Glass Set – Elegant Tom Collins Glasses Set of 6 $25.95

 Dazzle your party guests with the YoungLA superior-quality drinking glasses, which are made from lead-free glass and designed to help you serve all your drinks in unparalleled style. Made in Thailand.  Our refined and sturdy bar glasses can be used as mojito glasses, gin and tonic glasses, rum and coke glasses, Tom Collins glasses, iced tea glasses, water glasses, or cocktail glassware for your next party. Probably the most used glass cups in your bar, our tall drinking glasses are ideal for alcoholic drinks, cocktails, beverages, water, juice, or iced tea. Take your home bar glassware to another level.

Royalty Art Kinsley Tall Highball Glasses Set of 8 $34.99

This highball glasses set for kitchen, dining room, and hosting use holds 12 ounces of liquid making it perfect for cold beer, water, or soda. Our drink glasses each feature a cool, exclusive design that wraps around the base and rises towards the top with beautiful class.  A thicker base and more resilient glass design makes them safe for indoor and outdoor use. The intricate design also improves your grip.

Highball Glasses with Heavy Base, Clear Drinking Glasses Set $25.95

A complete 6-piece Premium Tall Water Glasses for drinks. You can invite your friends over for a glass of Juice, Wine, Beer, Whiskey, and Cocktails. Capacity: 12 1/4 oz (360 cc), Height: 6.3 inches (160 mm), Diameter: 2.5 inches (64 mm).  Durable and consistent level of quality, Dishwasher Safe Glass Tumbler. This drinking glass set is an excellent gift for any occasion. The perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Housewarming, College Graduation, St. Patrick’s day, Job Promotion, and secret Santa gifts!

MITBAK 16 – OZ Drinking Glasses (Set of 6) $20.99

DISHWASHER SAFE These highball glasses have a sharp, classic modern design. The glasses are carefully crafted from lead-free glass and come six to a set and is dishwasher safe.  The thin, lightweight design of a glass tumbler makes it easy to hold, perfect for drinking while mingling. The highball glasses also have a flat, sturdy base ensuring you get to enjoy every last sip of your drink.  If you’re racking your brain trying to come up with a gift idea for Christmas, or a birthday, wedding, or housewarming party, then consider this stunning set of skinny tumblers. The water glasses come boxed, ready to be wrapped.

Le’raze Drinking Glasses set of 8 – 4 Goblets & Chalices Cups & 4 Dof Stemless Wine Glasses $28.28

Unique and Elegant Design made with High-Quality Durable glass, and comes with a edgy silhouette with exquisite brilliance and clarity, that will impress everyone around with its gorgeous sophisticated look. Who doesn’t want a set of kiddush cup glasses that can be used simultaneously for various drink types at your dinner? The Le’raze Tuscany glass set is well designed with 4 highball glasses for your favorite juice and cocktail drinks and 4 rock glasses for a good wine or whiskey beside your meal. So wherever you wish to use it you will have the best drinking experience possible.

Combler Ribbed Drinking Glasses, Ribbed Glass Cups 12 oz $23.97

The ribbed glassware set includes 4 ribbed glass cups 12oz, which is just what you’re looking for. It will surely impress everyone around with its gorgeous look. 12 oz ribbed glasses cup is 2.69” W x 5.55” H. Structured with a sturdy flat bottom.  The ribbed glasses are Great for any Occasion, any hot and cold drinks. It is widely loved by families, kitchens, breweries, cafes, bars, and restaurants. You can make it as an iced coffee cup, beer glasses, smoothie cup, whiskey glasses, margarita glass, tea cup, boba cup, fruit juice jar, or any other interesting holiday drinks glassware.

Di Classe Vintage Art Deco Ribbed Glassware Set of 4 $42.99

 This 11oz drinking glass set for cocktails is beautifully riveted and designed with a narrowed base for easy holding and stacking. The rim is accented with a touch of gold to add a stylish and aesthetic flair to any vintage, classic, or modern drink.  Our cocktail glasses for whiskey are made to offer just the right balance of elegance, quality, and luxury. They are artisanally made using translucent glass that’s durable, scratch resistant, and just right for enjoying the drinks you love every day.

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